• Flesh Reunion

    Flesh Reunion is HowManyDevils second full length album

  • Insomniac

    Insomniac I've been awake since 1:00am and I'm so sick of counting sheep.

  • Halfway There

    Halfway There Summer's so short, Winter just around the bend, Autumn leaves fall, It happens to us all.

  • Icepick Lunatic

    Icepick Lunatic I am a loner. These times are hard but they are mine.

  • World In Flames

    World In Flames Would you sell your morals, in your time of great need, If the price was right, for money love or greed.

  • Dysfunction

    Dysfunction Nothing to give me a sense of freedom. So take me away from the world, so far away.

  • Through These Eyes

    Through These Eyes I am an inanimate object, I watch you through these eyes, I'm watching life pass by.

  • Carolyn

    Carolyn Well I followed the Sun, and it took to me to a place I had never seen.

  • A Different Breed

    A Different Breed Stumpy Boxhead is a man who wears a cardboard box on his head... That's different!

  • The Lit Match

    The Lit Match Now all your plans will come to an end.

  • Thirteen

    Thirteen You carry yourself like a bag full of trouble, like you've never seen light.

  • Set Him Free

    Set Him Free You are not what you first appeared to be.

  • Older

    Older The shadows on my face are telling tales.

  • Flesh Reunion

    Flesh Reunion Drink my blood, full communion, take my body for the flesh reunion.

Flesh Reunion by HowManyDevils

From the mists of time I hear a sirens song. Luring me back to a place where I belong. Sweet to my ears, pain to my heart, numbing my mind tearing me apart. Drink my blood, full communion, take my body for the flesh reunion.
After nearly 15 years, HowManyDevils entered the same room - at the same time - and recorded an album. They blogged the progress at And it will be released on Friday the 13th of February, 2015.

Friday the 13th again

Thirteen For the last few years.  Since we reformed after our 13 year gap to record the 13EP ( SoundCloud ), with Dark Moon ? the missing 13th track from the first album.  We?ve tried to release the new stuff we?ve done on Friday the 13th.  I missed the target this year (hands up, it was me).  I could probably have done it, but wasn?t paying attention.  Space Cowboys Under The Sea Of Japan will be out in December.  You can stream it now from SoundCloud though.

Flesh Reunion, the last album, is in the stores.  Amazon , iTunes , Google Play , or Spotify .

We?ve already mentioned the 13EP, before that was the long ?hiatus? as musicians call it, and before that was HowManyDevils1 (on SoundCloud ).

Of course, after we release the 13EP on Friday the 13th, we were blatantly copied by Black Sabbath with their album called 13.  I do suspect they stole all our marketing effort which is why their album charted and ours didn?t.  (Surely three men in their 40?s in Yorkshire would be more popular than 4 men in their 60?s from the Midlands).  We took revenge though, by making Halfway There sound a little like them?

Released on Friday 13th, February 2015 ()